Taking Fire from All Directions

by Amaroq Dricaldari

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My first track made from something other than a mic. Produced in Beaterator for PSP, upsampled in Audacity for upload.

While I am giving you the option to pay for it, I wouldn't recommend doing so for something so low quality as this.

Fun Fact: I orignally made this so that I could have my own music for listening to when playing games with. I hence abandoned the notion when I realized how bad I actually was at making music, and now use music from musicians who are far better than I am when I am playing games.


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released December 28, 2012
Taking Fire from All Directions (c) Amaroq Dricaldari
Beaterator (c) Rockstar Games
PSP (c) Sony




Amaroq Dricaldari Houston, Texas

First time musician, dabbling in all types of electronic music. I may suck now, but I'll get better in the future.

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